Hip Hop Beats for Sale

All beats listed here are for sale under exclusive license, unless otherwise noted. If interested, please contact me for details. I’m always interested in working with talented people.

Living In Confusion (SOLD)
Living in Confusion

Mixtape Beat for Brian
Mixtape Beat for Brian

This Time Baby:
This Time Baby

Water Sign:
Water Sign

If The Price Is Right:
If The Price Is Right

Ominous Orchestra
Ominous Orchestra

Jesus He Knows I’m Right:
Jesus He Knows I’m Right

Orchestra Sparse:
Orchestra Sparse

Everything I Miss At Home:
Everything I Miss At Home

West Coast Swing:
West Coast Swing

The Battle Belongs to the Lord:
The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Rick Ross Style:
Rick Ross Style

MPC March:
MPC March

Chillin in the Cut (SOLD):
Chillin in the Cut

Back on the Block:
Back on the Block

Triplet Swing:
Triplet Swing

106 and Funk:
106 and Funk

West Synth Funk:
West Synth Funk

Keep It West Coast:
Keep It West Coast

Drop Top In The Summer (SOLD):
Drop Top In The Summer

Immortal (SOLD):

Saturday Funk:
Saturday Funk

2011 Funk (SOLD):
2011 Funk

Don’t Trip:
Don’t Trip

Layin Back (SOLD):
Layin Back

MPC March:
MPC March

Big Funk:
Big Funk

Overture Foxy Brown:
Overture Foxy Brown

Can’t Get Over You (SOLD)
Can’t Get Over You

Upbeat Chill Groove:
Upbeat Chill Groove 1 1

Slow Groove 2:
Slow Groove 2

Neo Soul 2 (SOLD):
Neo Soul 2

I Need You Tonight:
I Need You Tonight

Elton John Real Hip Hop (SOLD)
Elton John Real Hip Hop 1

Brazilian Love Affair:
Brazilian Love Affair

This Place Hotel (SOLD):
This Place Hotel

Super Duper Westcoast
Super Duper Westcoast

Just Kicking It Groove
Just Kicking It Groove (Long Edit)

Westcoast Dance (Long Edit) (SOLD)
Westcoast Dance (Long Edit)

808 Creepin (SOLD)
808 Creepin 1

Westcoast March
Westcoast March 1

Find A Music Promo
Find A Music Promo 1

All I Do (SOLD)
All I Do

Wish You Could Know (SOLD)
Wish You Could Know

Think About It
Think About It

Fast Car Commercial
Fast Car Commercial (Long Edit)

Sad Piano
Sad Piano

Joy Isaac Hayes
Joy Isaac Hayes

Strait Time Strings
02 Strait Time Strings

Let Me Be
Let Me Be

Chillin Seattle Groove
Chillin Seattle Groove

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